5 Must-Know Requires for Condo Renovations

5 Must-Know Requires for Condo Renovations

5 Must-Know Requires for Condo Renovations

A condo represents a versatile living space that can easily be transformed to express your personality. With a bit of attention to details, a condo can achieve more flair and appeal to match your personal preferences.

Still, renovating a condo means you should comply with a set of requirements, as this unit is usually part of a vast building. Read on to discover the top five must-know requirements for condo renovations you need to know before starting your project.

1. Get a Deeper Understanding of Your Building’s Rules

The first step you need to take prior to starting a condo renovation is to contact your condo board. Condominium buildings come with their particularities, which means you will need to comply with the board’s policy. To receive approval and in-depth information about such rules, you will have to submit your project with the board. They will analyze your request, approve it, and tell you what rules you need to follow for your project.

2. Renovate Your Space When Allowed

Buildings have their regulations in regards to working hours. So, depending on the area you live in, you will have to renovate your condo and use construction equipment on a specific time frame. In most situations, you can renovate a living space from Monday to Friday, but some buildings might allow you a small time frame for renovation on Saturdays, too.

3. Think Ahead and Reserve Parking Spaces

An important rule almost anyone overlooks is the necessity of a parking space. Residential buildings come with limited parking spaces, which can make it quite tedious for your workers to find a spot where to leave your vehicle. Thus, it is best to book in advance space for your builders’ vehicles or waste transport cars. In this way, you will avoid unnecessary hassles, and you won’t disturb your neighbours.

4. Book a Cleaning Company

Renovations come with a lot of waste and dirt. So, you should consider hiring a cleaning company. But keep in mind that besides cleaning your condo, you might need some extra cleaning for the common areas in your building. The elevator or the hallway might be used for transporting renovation materials, which can lead to the necessity of cleaning. This is your responsibility, too. And not doing so might get you into some unpleasant situations with your condo board.

5. Renovate Only What You are Allowed To

Condos are part of larger buildings, meaning there are some limitations concerning what you can modify. As an example, courtyards, windows, or front doors might not be available for you to change. It is best to stick to such regulations and ask your condo board about all the limitations about what can be changed in your living space.

Overall, renovating a condo is easy to achieve if you get informed about the regulations and specifications of the building you live in. Following these tips will ensure you will not get into unnecessary expenses while your project will be finished in no time.