5 Ways to Give Your Condo a New Look

5 Ways to Give Your Condo a New Look

5 Ways to Give Your Condo a New Look

Do you want to give your condo a facelift? Are you planning a condo renovation for improved aesthetics and functionalities? Are you searching for the right condo renovation ideas for 2020? Read the actionable condo renovation tips below.

1. Crown Molding

Without changing the structural design of your condo, adding crown moldings to your condo is a condo renovation that will cause a significant transformation to your home. It is a permanent addition that will help you to make a statement with your condo. Your condo will look more beautiful, appealing, and modern. It is an ornamental add-on that will benefit your condo beyond your imagination.

2. Lighting Replacement

The existing lighting fixtures or fittings will certainly look boring and monotonous. Take advantage of modern lighting fixtures and light to transform your condo space. Replace existing bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs. Also, consider installing a pendant lamp, artistic lighting fixtures, chandelier, movable floor lamp, etc. The newly installed lighting fixtures and lamps will deliver both aesthetic and functional features to your condo. This is a viable condo renovation you can carry out without breaking the bank.

3. Hang Painting

Another simple but powerful condo renovation idea is to look for decorative art and art pieces that will upgrade the aesthetics of your condo space. Several paintings will effortlessly transform your condo.

Besides, you can consider painting your living area with different but exciting colours that will blend with the paintings you want to hang on your walls.

4. Add Colourful Throw Pillows

If you are considering a condo renovation that will not leave you broke, adding colourful throw pillows to your living room and bedrooms is the way to go. The throw pillows will become the focal point of attention in the house, and it will beautify the condo space.

Note that condo renovation does not have to be costly or involve structural teardown. Bring out the colourful pillows and experience the magical transformation they will bring to your home.

5. Smart Accessories

Another creative condo renovation you can consider is adding bright pieces of accessories to your condo. Think about adding mirrors to your walls, stylish trays, elegant ottomans, transformable furniture, and lots more. The beauty of these accessories will rub off on your condo space to make it more attractive with different beautiful accessories.

The above tips are worth implementing to transform and beautify your condo space. You do not have to pull down anything. Upgrade your condo with condo renovation that comes with little or no interruption to your living or programs.