5 Staging Tricks to Make Your Condo Look Bigger

5 Staging Tricks to Make Your Condo Look Bigger

5 Staging Tricks to Make Your Condo Look Bigger

If you are placing your condo on the market soon, you must implement effective home staging tricks to create an illusion of a bigger or larger space. Your condo has to stand out in order to appeal to prospective buyers. Although there are several condo renovation tips you can implement, staging your condo appropriately will create the magic you need to make your property eye-catching on the market.

Meanwhile, go through the fantastic staging tricks you can use to make your condo look bigger.

1. Scaling Down Approach

You unavoidably have to move out all bulky items that take up space in your condo. Size is usually the most common issue with condos. So, getting rid of your large sofas or recliner, oversized shelves, and other items that take much space in your condo is the way to go. Replace them with smaller pieces to allow smooth and free movement.

2. Boost Lighting

Another staging technique you can consider is to increase lighting in your condo. Replace all dead bulbs with new ones. Proper lighting will enhance the aesthetics of your space and emphasize the critical strength areas of the house. Meanwhile, it would be best if you can take advantage of the natural light. Remove heavy drapes, curtains, blinds, and other window treatments that can block out most of natural light. Besides, install pendant lights, table and floor lamps before taking photographs of your condo.

3. Declutter the House

Removing all that clutter your condo space is a staging trick that will impact your chances of getting maximum value for your condo. Depersonalize your space by removing personal photos and other items. Clear the counters and keep away your personal belongings. One of the purposes of home staging is to let potential buyers imagine themselves occupying the house already.

4. Create an Easy Flow Movement

If you are staging your home, ensure that it is easy and convenient to move from one end to another in your home. Let there be possible space between chairs and cabinets. Besides, you can use a rug to designate different parts of zones in your condo.

5. Take Advantage of Colours

An essential condo renovation idea is to paint your condo. Ensure that all the walls are painted in similar colours, especially, soft neutral colours. Get a professional painter to paint your condo for a more appealing effect.

The above tips are staging tricks to make your condo look bigger. Although you cannot execute any condo renovation to increase the space of your condo, the tips above will help to create an illusion of larger condo space.