How Do You Maximize A Small Condo Space?

How Do You Maximize A Small Condo Space?

How Do You Maximize A Small Condo Space?

We do love condominiums. These spaces are fancy, stylish, and if you take your time to decorate them, they can become extremely functional. Despite being part of the minimalist trend, you can do an efficient condo renovation, so that you maximize the storing space.

We’ve shared our tips and tricks on how to do condo renovations and maximize a small space. After testing some approaches, we’ve come up with the following condo renovation tips. Here are 5 ways to maximize your condo space:

1. Consider Using Multifunctional Or Convertible Furniture

Our first tip for condo renovations is to consider using multifunctional furniture. Since space is limited, it is a good idea to use your creativity in order to create distinct areas. As an example, you can consider adding in your living room a sofa bed instead of a couch. In this way, you will have two spaces in one: an area to welcome your guests and a place to relax after a long day. Also, our experts recommend using wall shelves, so that you create additional storing spaces, without crowding the condo with bulky furniture.

2. Organize Your Kitchen Wisely

Another thing you should add on your condo renovation to-do list is kitchen organization and layout. Keep in mind that this is a space you will use frequently, and you will need access to all sorts of stuff. Hence, if you aim to keep your condo kitchen clutter-free, we recommend installing built-in cabinets and open shelves. Avoid using racks or bulky furniture, as it will make everything seem crowded and out of place.

3. Design Your Bathroom As Simple As Possible

As a general rule, most of the condominiums today come with a small bathroom. And as a result, designers say you should keep everything as simple as possible. You can include in your condo renovation a free-standing shelf for your bathroom for your toiletries. But it is best to avoid crowding the space with cabinets or any other bathroom furniture advertised on the market.

4. Shop For A Bed With Storage Space

Since your condo has limited storing space, you should look for ways to overcome such issues. Our advice is to consider a large bed with storage space underneath. Also, you can add headboard storage, which we can say can offer both a stylish appearance and a useful area to put your favourite belongings.

5. Use A Simple Long Table As Your Home Office

If you are like most people nowadays, you most likely look forward to including in your condo renovation an area for your office. And this might be a bit challenging to achieve at first. Yet we have a secret for you: opt for using a long table, instead of bulky office furniture. In this way, you will maximize the space while keeping everything in order. Besides, you won’t need too much space for your laptop, so why not create a home office around a simple table?