5 Tips To Maximize Condo Space

5 Tips To Maximize Condo Space

5 Tips To Maximize Condo Space

When considering or planning out a condo renovation, you should always keep in mind that one of the biggest challenges of living in a condo is space. A good condo renovation plan should take into account how to maximize the available space to achieve the most meaningful and useful living space.

To assist you with your condo renovation planning, we asked our team members to share their thoughts on maximizing space during a renovation. Below is their tips on maximizing your Condo’s square footage.

1. Use Vertical Space

To maximize your condo’s space efficiently, you should explore all available space, including that above your field of view. Installing built in floor to ceiling shelves and cabinetry will provide additional storage space, especially when you consider that you can stack items in a cabinet or on a shelf. Incorporating custom built ins in your bedroom, living room, and bathroom and extending your storage space upwards will help you maximize all of your available space.

2. Avoid Bulky Furniture

Bulky furniture will not only reduce the available space in your home significantly, it will also make the space feel smaller and create a feeling of stuffiness. Larger furniture in some areas of your home are not avoidable, such as your bed or the couch in the living room. For these items opt for a slightly smaller version such as a queen size bed instead of a king or a condo sized couch instead of an oversized model. As well, the accent furniture in these spaces should be smaller to accommodate the larger furniture in the room.

3. Be Organised

Arrange your furniture and other items in your home wisely to save space. You may not get it right the first time. Do not stress out, try different positioning or arrangements until you get a functional flow in your condo. When managing your condo space, try different sizes of furniture and models to find the suitable layout for your home.

4. Custom Closets

Utilizing all of your available closet space makes a big difference in the items you can store, especially those that you want out of sight. It also helps keep you organised, as everything will have a place and will be easily accessible.

The above are just some of the ways you can maximize your condo’s space. A bonus tip is to keep your condo tidy. A clean organized space, gives off the feeling of a more spacious living environment. If you are planning a condo renovation, keep the above tips in mind to help you maximize your available storage and living space.