What Should I Renovate First In A Condo?

What Should I Renovate First In A Condo?

What Should I Renovate First In A Condo?

When planning a condo renovation, it is always great if you are able to redesign your entire condominium all at once. This gives you a clean slate to work with and allows for the most customization, unfortunately not everyone has the option of a complete condo renovation and must upgrade different areas at a time. So, when you are contemplating an upgrade, how do you choose where to start?

This is a tough question to answer on a general level, as each person has different needs and each condo has different needs as well. Assuming that everything in your condo is in working condition, you are really free to start wherever you like. With this in mind, we asked our designers to share their best tips for condo renovations, to help get your renovation juices flowing.

Know the Rules

Unlike a freehold home, condominiums have boards and their own rules. These rules are in place for the benefit of all occupants. These rules often have provisions that pertain to condo renovations. It is wise to schedule a meeting with your condo board to review the rules and to ensure you are not violating them with your renovation. At different points in your renovation you can expect a board member to inspect your project, we suggest not breaking any of the rules, as this can lead to costly redesign costs. You should also review the rules that pertain to what days and times contractors can work on your condo, you don’t want to upset your neighbours or break condo policies. 

Decide Who You Are Renovating For

Are you renovating for your personal enjoyment and comfort or are you hoping to increase the resale value of your condo so that you can get a greater resale return? Clearly outline the need for your renovation will help you choose what areas of the condo should be renovated first and the designs you should be looking at. If it is for your own enjoyment, you can let your personality shine through with the style, but if it is for resale value, it is best to choose a style that is appealing to a mass audience.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

Starting a condo renovation by focusing on the kitchen and bathrooms is always a great idea. Not only are these rooms some of the most used in the condo, they offer the greatest return on investment. A condo kitchen is the centre of the home, having a highly functional, aesthetically pleasing kitchen will not only make your life more comfortable and enjoyable, it will wow your guests and future potential buyers. 

Storage Space

Increasing storage space in a condominium is always a plus. Consider having built in, floor to ceiling entertainment units and cabinets installed. These will allow for more hidden storage as well as give your condo the feeling of a large space as your eye is drawn vertically. Custom closets are another way to increase storage space while helping you keep your condo more organized and clutter free.


A fresh coat of paint will liven up any space, no matter what areas of your condo you choose to renovate, you should consider repainting your entire condo along with it. Covering up any scratches or dings will create a more upbeat environment and give your entire condo that brand-new look and feel.