5 popular renovation ideas for a condo

5 popular renovation ideas for a condo

5 popular renovation ideas for a condo

No matter if you have just purchased your condo or if you have been living there for quite some time, a condo renovation can help update the condo’s look and feel, create additional space, create a more efficient flow, and make your space much more effective and comfortable for your day to day living. 

The cost of property ownership in the city continues to rise. People are choosing to either renovate their existing condo or purchase a condo that needs some updating, as the prices jump significantly when looking to purchase a fully upgrade unit, which is considered turnkey.

We asked our designers to share 5 popular renovation ideas that can help you with your condo renovation project. 

Modernize Your Kitchen 

The kitchen has always been the center for entertaining in any style of home. In a condo, however, the kitchen is quite literally at the center of most condos. Updating your condo to improve the flow, incorporate functional countertops that also double as a place to eat or hang out, updating appliances, and increase storage space with floor-to-ceiling cabinetry are all popular ways to get more out of your condo kitchen. 

Living Room Makeover

Along with your kitchen, your living room is another open and exposed area of most condos. Incorporating furniture and built-in storage that helps maximize space, will help make this space feel roomier. A built-in entertainment unit will provide a space to house your cable boxes and any other A/V equipment you have as well as provide open and hidden storage areas to help keep the area nee tans tidy.  

Bathroom Update

Your condo’s bathroom may not be a large spa-like space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it your space to relax. Quick updates such as changing out the vanity, sink, mirror, lighting fixtures, and hardware are more than enough to completely transform your bathroom’s ambiance.


When it comes to creating additional space, there is nothing quite like a custom closet to ensure there is a place for everything and everything has its place. Having a custom closet built for your bedroom is an extremely popular trend in condos. Not only does this help organize your wardrobe, and reduces the time needed to get ready. It often creates additional storage for important personal items.


The easiest way to make a condo feel like home is to update the paint to meet your style. If you are just moving into your new condo, this helps add a touch of you into a new place. If you have lived in your condo for some time, updating the colour of your walls will give your condo a rejuvenated sense of style. 

Before starting any condo renovation, remember to check with your condo board or review their bi-laws. Many boards have rules and restrictions in place for what you can and cannot do in a condo renovation, they may even need to approve your plans before you can get started.