What Can You Renovate in A Condo?

What Can You Renovate in A Condo?

What Can You Renovate in A Condo?

There comes a time in every home owner’s life when they consider changing things up. This can mean looking for a new place to live or it can mean renovating your existing home. The Toronto housing market has been on a pretty wild ride over the past five to seven years, with homes in high demand, and selling prices ever increasing. If you are a condo owner living in your ideal neighbourhood, you may consider a condo renovation over searching for a new condo. 

A condo renovation will provide you with that fresh start while maintaining the familiarity of your current neighbourhood. However, condos can be somewhat limiting on the renovations that can be completed, this can be due to the existing layout as well as potential limitations or rules set out by the condo board. 

Here are a few areas you can focus on when renovating a condo.

Small Condo Storage 

If you are renovating a smaller condo, you will want to focus on increasing your storage space. A good way to increase storage space is by maximizing your closet space with custom closet installation. A custom closet organizer can be built to meet your needs. You can have extra drawers, shelves, hanging rods and hooks to meet your needs. Another way to increase storage is by utilizing floor-to-ceiling storage solutions in your kitchen and living room.

Condo Kitchen Renovation

For most condominiums the kitchen takes center stage. Your kitchen is used on a daily basis, and chances are this is where friends and family congregate when hosting a get together. Look at the current layout of your kitchen and see if it can be designed more efficiently. Incorporate floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, full size upper cabinets, and pot hangers to maximize space. New appliances and granite or quartz countertops will go a long way in impressing your guests and really providing you with a new kitchen experience. 

Condo Bathroom Renovation

After the kitchen, a condo bathroom is the next most popular area to renovate. Upgrading your bathroom can get you that spa like, relaxing bathroom of your dreams or that modern, clean lines, minimalist bathroom that are ever so popular right now. Once again start by reviewing the current layout and see if there is any unused space you can incorporate into the new design. Building additional storage for toiletries and towels does come in handy.

Condo Living Room Renovation

Most condo living areas consist of four wall and perhaps a window or door that leads to a balcony. New paint and light fixtures will make a difference, but installing a built-in entertainment unit will not only help add some character to the room, it will also provide additional storage, both hidden and open. To help make the space feel more open and larger, use slightly undersized furniture in your living room, this will leave additional room for maneuvering around. 

If you are beginning to feel that your current condo is feeling tired and outdated, consider completing a condo renovation. Not only will you have a refreshed condo built to meet your specific needs and design preferences, but you will also increase your condo’s future resale value.