What to consider before a condo renovation?

What to consider before a condo renovation?

What to consider before a condo renovation?

Condominium living has increased drastically over the past 20 years, here in the Toronto area we have seen the number of condominiums more than double in this time, and yet even with all of the new construction the market remains extremely hot. Condominiums are appealing for many reasons, including the amenities they offer, the sense of community, and more manageable space to maintain. The major drawback is space. However, with the proper planning and team to support, a condo renovation can create additional space by incorporating additional storage and enhancing the flow of your space.

Before you can begin with your condo renovation there are several items you need to consider and plan for, below we highlight these items.

Understand the Rules

Before you start designing your new condo, it is important to review the rules set out by your condo board regarding renovations. These rules can influence the type of materials you choose, the days of the week, and the time of day renovations can take place. Some boards may even require forms to be filled out and approvals prior to work starting. Understand your board’s policies and following them can save you time and prevent potential delays.

Build a Renovation Budget

Budgeting for your renovation is extremely important, it will help keep you on track when it comes to the design and materials chosen. It is always a good idea to not plan on spending your maximum budget when completing a condo renovation, as you should have an emergency fund to be used with any unexpected expenses. 

Plan Out Your Storage

Additional storage space is always an asset in a condo. When designing the layout for your new condo space, make sure you are incorporating space-saving and space-making elements. Floor to ceiling cabinetry in the kitchen, custom built-in units for your living room, and custom closet organizers for the bedrooms are all great ways to increase storage space in your condo.  

Find an Experienced Contractor

The contractor you partner with to complete your renovation is extremely important. Find a contractor that has experience in condo renovations and has completed projects in your neighbourhood. Condos are essentially four concrete walls, a concrete floor, and a concrete ceiling, and an experienced condo contractor will know how to best utilize the space, what materials work best, and will understand what potential issues can arise. If they have worked in your area before, chances are they have experience with local bi-laws and know what they can and cannot do in the area.

Planning your condo renovation and the thoughts of enjoying your customized living space can be very exciting. Ensuring that the entire process is planned out with contingencies in place will ensure the project flows smoothly, without delays.