5 Ways to Prepare for A Major Home Renovation

5 Ways to Prepare for A Major Home Renovation

5 Ways to Prepare for A Major Home Renovation

Are you thinking of completing a home renovation? With everyone spending significantly more time in their homes over the past year, the amount of home owners looking to significantly parts of their home have increased greatly.  No matter if you are looking to complete a condo renovation, upgrade you’re your kitchen and bathrooms or completely makeover your basement, you will not regret your decision as long as everything runs smoothly. While renovating your home is a rewarding undertaking, there are many challenges you could face along the way. But with thorough preparation, you can make the whole process pass smoothly and hassle-free, while avoiding undo stress and budget overruns. 

Here are 5 ways to prepare your home for a major home renovation:

Determine the scope of your home renovation project

The simple reason why some home renovation projects turn out badly or go above budget is that there is a failure to clearly define the scope of the project before getting started. Before taking on any renovation project, it is advised to clearly define the specific spaces to be updated, the types of materials and finishes to be used, and the specific role of the contractor.

Plan your home renovation budget and organize your finances

Before you start your home renovation project, you’ll need to decide how much you want to spend based on the scope of the project. You don’t want to get stuck before you complete the project or go above budget. 

Your home renovation budget should factor in everything from the cost of building materials and labor, to building permits and cosmetic touches. Keep in mind that a major home renovation is a significant financial investment, so it’s important to consider all your financing options before getting started. 

If you are not sure exactly how much is needed to complete your renovation project, working with an experienced contractor will help you get a better understanding of the different costs associated with your project and the total budget needed for the project.

Figure out how you’re going to live in your home during the renovation

A major home renovation means adjusting your living situation to allow for the project to go on smoothly. In many cases, such as a condo renovation, you will more than likely need to find a temporary place where you can stay while the project is being completed. Having a good understanding of the project timeline will help you plan out your living arrangements.

Partner with a qualified and licensed contractor

The contractor you will work with will mean the difference between getting the right results and having to hire another company to fix errors. That’s why it’s important to take your time to find a knowledgeable and experienced renovation experts to help you with your home renovation project. 

Before hiring a renovation contractor, ask them to provide you with their licensing certificate, proof of insurance, and references. This will help you determine if they are qualified for the job, and if they have the experience and knowhow to get it done right.   

Clear out the clutter 

A major home renovation is going to affect nearly every room in your home. Decluttering to make room for construction is a great way to prepare for the project to commence. This means taking down pictures and other decorations, packing away valuables and moving out things like furniture, appliances, electronics, and all other movable items. You’ll also need to remove everything inside of built-in cabinets and other storage spaces in your rooms. Be sure to protect your fragile fixtures like chandeliers and cover your floors with cardboard sheets.

Cleaning and removing clutter ahead of time makes everything easier for the contractor and will prevent any damage to your belongings. You may need to look into a storage unit if you do not have space in other parts of your home for all your belongings during your renovations.