5 Condo Upgrades That Will Pay Off Over Time

5 Condo Upgrades That Will Pay Off Over Time

5 Condo Upgrades That Will Pay Off Over Time

When completing any home upgrades there is usually an ultimate goal you are looking to achieve, be it to boost the aesthetics of your home, increase convenience or increase your home’s value. As long as your ultimate goal is achieved, the renovation will be considered a success. If your main objective is to boost the value of your condo in the long-term you will need to carefully plan out your renovations, as most trendy upgrades will not hold their value in the long run. We have asked some of our designers to highlight the specific condo upgrades that they believe will add to your resale value but that will also increase the functionality and aesthetics of your condo now.

Here are the 5 most popular condo upgrades that they shared that will pay off over time.

Flooring Upgrades

When it comes to condo flooring, hardwood is still a primary option. Hardwood flooring is aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean and maintain, and suitable for a variety of home decor designs. The most common hardwoods include ash, maple, oak, and cherry. Having hardwood throughout your condo adds a level of luxury but yet warmth. Incorporate well placed area rugs to help accentuate your different living spaces.

Kitchen Renovation

Whether you cook at home regularly or not, a kitchen that is beautiful and functional is on everyone’s want list. So, if the kitchen in your condo is lacklustre, you should invest in a condo kitchen renovation. When done appropriately, a condo kitchen renovation will increase the value and the appeal of your condo. As such, it is more than likely to pay off over time.

If a full kitchen renovation isn’t in your budget, start your condo kitchen renovation by upgrading your countertops to a natural stone, such as granite. This alone will change the ambiance of your kitchen. Natural stone is strong, stain-resistant and gorgeous. Additionally, it adds a luxurious look that will accentuate your kitchen.

Appliance Upgrades

New appliances are more than just functional, they add to your home’s overall aesthetic. If you are planning on selling your condo, potential buyers will all pay attention to your kitchen appliances as well as the washer and dryer. New appliances will increase your condo’s desirability and will help you fetch top dollar. Stainless steel and matte black appliances are the most popular colour options, but another feature to consider is the rise in the use of appliances with connectivity features. Replacing your appliances will not only add to your condo’s appeal and increase its value, they will also make your day to day more convenient as you are using them.

Living Room Updates

Your living room offers you a chance to show off your style and add your stamp on your home. Therefore, an upgrade to this area can mean a lot to the overall appearance of your property. Living room updates can come in different forms including improving lighting fixtures, adding fresh flowers, changing the drapes or curtains, and rearranging the furniture. But, having a built-in wall unit installed in your living room adds a focal point to this space and offers additional storage and areas to showcase your personal items.

Addition of Storage

For most condo owners, the biggest issue they have is with storage. If you are looking for a condo upgrade that will attract more potential buyers and also have a positive effect on your condo’s overall value, add additional storage solutions to your home. A custom-built closet is one of the more effective storage solutions you can consider for your condo, it allows for additional storage and organization.

When it comes to upgrading your condo, it is important to plan out what your main objectives are, what your budget is and what areas you would like to upgrade first. Keep the above upgrades in mind if one of your main objectives is to increase the value of your condo.