5 Tips For How To Cheaply Renovate Your Condo

5 Tips For How To Cheaply Renovate Your Condo

5 Tips For How To Cheaply Renovate Your Condo

Need to make changes to your condo and don’t know where and how to begin? You have made the right stop. Condo renovation can be quite expensive and time-consuming for those that have little or no help. So, if you are down for some DIY and shopping, you can make your condo look as stunning as you want without breaking your bank. Here are 5 tips for renovating your condo with a small budget:

1. Shop for bargains

One way to cut down the cost is to shop for bargains. You can wait for sales and promotions throughout the year. Although it might take time to source for the things you need, you will be saving some hundreds of dollars on fitting and fixings by purchasing second-hand materials and discounted goods. 

2. Begin with cheap fixes

When you decide to renovate your condo, you can start with those things that are cheap to fix. You can make these fixes within the home without dipping into your pocket for the service of an artisan. Here are some budget-friendly ideas to begin:

  • Change those old light fixtures for a modern one. You can give your rooms a new and posh look.
  •  Repaint rooms with fresh coat paint in a trendy or modern color.
  •  Change cheap-looking thin architraves and skirtings with wider profile versions.

3. Put more effort into the bathroom and kitchen

You can concentrate on rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen as these are rooms that will add value to your condo. You can make positive changes to a kitchen and bathroom, even while on a little budget. Repair tiles, replace handles on cabinets, swap out taps and add storage shelves or drawer organizers. Also, change laminate cupboards by applying undercoats and painting on top of them.

4. Do not forget to DIY where possible

If you can handle a paintbrush or complete a simple tiling job, then do them yourself to save a few dollars. You can also get your friends and family to help you with some minor projects like painting and you reward them with drinks and pizza. 

5. Go professional but get recommendations

Although you want to cut costs and go the cheaper route, remember to opt for professionals for renovation projects such as plumbing, electrical, and structural work. To save cost here, check recommendations and get at least three quotes. You can then opt for what suits you and your pocket.