5 Quick Kitchen Renovation Ideas

5 Quick Kitchen Renovation Ideas

5 Quick Kitchen Renovation Ideas

If your kitchen is outdated, not as aesthetically pleasing as it once was or not as functional as you would like, perhaps it is time to start planning for some simple kitchen renovations. Making a few changes and upgrades can completely change the look and feel of your existing kitchen.

Below we highlight a few simple condo kitchen renovation ideas that you can utilise to easily and quickly transform your kitchen and boost its functionality.

Consider open shelving

If your kitchen cabinets are outdated or damaged, they can make your kitchen look less appealing. You can have your cabinets repainted or sprayed, you can replace them completely with new cabinets or you can remove some of the upper cabinets and replace them with open shelving. Open shelving will allow you to customise your kitchen and add character and colour to the space. In addition to boosting the aesthetics of your kitchen, open shelving will also make it easy for you to store and showcase various items.

Add a fresh coat of paint

A fresh coat of paint can help liven any area in your home. Over time, the paint in your kitchen will wear, stain and turn dull, which takes away from the appeal of your kitchen. Painting your kitchen walls is a fairly inexpensive and quick upgrade that has a major impact. Choose vibrant colours for that added pop and opt for higher quality paints that are easy to maintain, or you may find yourself adding another coat of paint sooner than you would like.

Update the lighting

Lighting is one of the most essential parts of any kitchen. With the right lighting, your kitchen can be presented in a more appealing manner and it could be more functional. There are numerous lighting options available that show well within the kitchen. You can utilise pot lights to help provide more light and brighten up the room and pendant fixtures to accentuate the overall look of your kitchen.

Upgrade your cabinetry

Another quick condo kitchen renovation idea is to upgrade your cabinetry. To upgrade your cabinetry, there is no need to change the entire cabinet. You can opt to have your cabinets painted for a drastic change or you can choose to simply replace the cabinet hardware for a more subtle upgrade. There are many designs online that you can browse through to help you decide how you will play around with the various colours and finishes of the replacement parts.

Install or replace the back splash

This is a common condo kitchen renovation that doesn’t necessarily require a lot of time or money. Updating your backsplash can change your kitchen’s look and feel. Whether you choose a classic white subway tile or you choose a more vibrant pattern or colour it is sure to enhance the overall design of the space.

In addition to the condo kitchen renovation ideas above, you can update the furniture, appliances and showpieces in your kitchen to help freshen up this space in your condo.