Condo Renovation: Where To Start?

Condo Renovation: Where To Start?

Condo Renovation: Where To Start?

A condo renovation is an exciting time for any condo owner, but to make the most out of this experience, you need to know where to start. Having your condo fully renovated can be time-consuming and sometimes stressful, but with some planning and partnering with the right professionals, your condo renovation will turn your condo into your dream space. If you’re not sure where to start with condo renovation, keep reading. Below, you’ll uncover our expert tips for a condo renovation. By the end of the article, you’ll be ready for a condo makeover in 2022!

Discover the rules of condo renovation

The first step for this project is to learn the rules of condo renovation. Each building is different and might have different rules in place. Such rules might interfere with materials selection or design decisions. Remember that each building has specific times and days when you are allowed to perform renovations. So, before you start a condo renovation, you need to discuss with the building’s board for insights on rules and limitations.

Assess the condo space

Next, you’ll have to think about the space in the condo. By definition, a condominium has limited open space for living. This means you don’t have a vast area to work with. You will have to assess your options and choose the best decision for your comfort. Remember that drastic remodelling might not be allowed.

Flooring and paint can change the feel of any space

Designers say that if you are only looking to refresh the look and feel of your condo, it might be a good idea to focus on painting your condo and upgrading the flooring. By changing the colours of your walls, you are able to change the way your condo looks and even make it look brighter and larger. Upgrading floors allows you to not only update the colour of your flooring, but the style and design as well.

Don’t forget to think about accommodations

Depending on the scope of your condo renovation, you may need to find alternative living arrangements during the reno. A full condo renovation may require every room in your condo to be stripped down, this will create a lot of dust and may even make it dangerous for you to walk around.

Our experts suggest that before performing a condo renovation, you should discuss your plans with an expert designer. This way you will receive valuable guidance on the best approach for your space. Now that you have an idea as to where to start with your condo renovation, you need to move on to the next step: discovering the condo renovation trends in 2022.